We are GO for Launch

Five years ago, if anyone had suggested that today I would be opening my own business, I’d have recoiled in horror. Now, though, it feels so right that instead of being terrified, I’m having the time of my life. This morning I got so excited about opening the business that here I am, up at the unheard of (for me) hour of 6:30 a.m., working on my first blog post.

I have a blog. Huh.

It’s been an amazing journey, my coming to this happy place within myself and in my life. My perspective has changed on many, many things, but it’s those seismic shifts that made it possible for me to do something I’ve secretly wanted to do for a long time. I’m still scared by the prospect of being in a business that demands so public a presence, but I have found a well of excitement and creativity that has made it all possible. I’m feeling just a bit like George Bailey on Christmas Day: thunderstruck, delighted, and feeling deeply connected. I’ve delayed opening this business for over a year — there was a bit too much of Life there for a while — but now is the right time to surge ahead.

My posts here will concentrate on subjects such as mindfulness, living a meaningful life, and the joys of meditation (as well as the odd foray into the silly side of things). Comments are welcome, and if you want more interaction, please to drop by my Facebook page where we will have ongoing conversations on a wide variety of topics.

So, off we go.


2 thoughts on “We are GO for Launch

  1. I am so proud and excited for you on this exciting venture you have so bravely ventured out on! You are a amazing , very talented, life coach and one of my absolute best friends! Congratulations on this exciting new chapter of your life.
    Much love,


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