Empowerment Coach

The complexity of life can be overwhelming. Poor choices can send us down the wrong path and damage our lives and relationships, often requiring a lot of work to repair. Like everyone, along with my good choices, I’ve made some poor choices in the past. What I do, though, is learn from each choice, good or bad, and I have built a wisdom based on this experience.

As an Empowerment Coach, I offer you my decades of study, analysis, introspection, and wisdom. Let me assist you as you travel life’s path, and help you see the hazards along the way. I can help you repair the damage of past choices, and avoid poor choices in the future.

Spiritual Guide

Serenity and happiness are intertwined, and working toward one inevitably enhances the other. I have been a student of the intuitive and spiritual arts for decades, and love passing my knowledge on to others.

As your Spiritual Guide, I am essentially a teacher, imparting to you the knowledge you need to achieve a greater sense of peace and tranquility. Whether it is through tarot readings, intuitive coaching, or through techniques of meditation and visualization, I will help you communicate with your Higher Self, the part of ourselves that knows who we really are. I can also assist you with healing and supportive Reiki sessions, or instruct you toward your own mastery of Reiki technique and practices. In all of this, the goal is to enhance the appreciation of life’s offerings, and create the strength to build inner peace and tranquility.