Spiritual Guide

Tarot Readings

I use the Standard and Oracle card decks. My reading style is organic and intuitive, meaning that much comes from what is going on energetically with you at the time of our reading. What can begin as a simple reading can turn into a counseling session, a channeling of a message from a loved one who has passed, or a message from a guide, angel, or your own intuition. I am constantly learning more about this wonderful spiritual art form, and am excited about all the different types of readings I will be offering.


Meditation and Visualization Instructor

Many people are unable to meditate well. This is because we often do not allow our minds to be at rest. For most of us, there’s always some kind of mental chatter going on in the back of our mind.

I offer lessons in deep meditation techniques which help to still that mental chatter, and allow the mind to find that place of peaceful, restful silence. From this wonderful place, we can begin to see what we would rather be feeling and thinking.

Beyond being able to meditate, it is also good to be able to visualize our journey. How can we see our way to new attitudes and beliefs if we cannot visualize those concepts in our own mind? I have designed a short course on meditation and visualization skills that is very helpful to anyone dealing with thought patterns that cause distress and make life difficult. These visualization techniques can also be used to change attitudes about money, relationships, family issues, self-image, and many more. The practical applications of regular meditation and visualization are endless!


 Reiki Energetic Healer

I am a third degree Usui Reiki Master. This means I can both practice and teach Reiki.

I offer Reiki healing, both in person and online. It doesn’t matter whether I am physically with the client or not; I am simply a conduit for the healing energy that exists in all of us. As such, I facilitate the client’s own ability to heal their emotional and physical being. I offer Reiki healing to children, adults, and animals. I will also soon be doing palliative Reiki for the dying, as it is part of what I am called to do.

I love sharing my Reiki knowledge with others. As a Reiki Master, it is my pleasure and honor to work with students who wish to achieve their first three degrees of Reiki Attunement.


Medium and Channeling

I am a Clear Conduit Channel and Medium, meaning that I can help you communicate with different aspects of your spiritual connection. I can help you meet and communicate with spiritual guides, angels, and with the entity known as the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is simply that part of ourselves that knows and remembers everything about who we really are and how we want to go through life. We are born with this internal knowledge, but lose touch with it as we grow up. Dealing with families, friends, schools, churches, jobs, and other social systems tends to make us forget that sense of freedom and joy we felt as children. Contacting these internal spiritual parts of ourselves can give a huge boost to our self-confidence and life purpose. Once we have made these connections, we can converse with these parts of ourselves, which can be of enormous help in our daily lives. It’s also a lot of fun!