Below are a few testimonials from my clients. Thank you. I love you all!

I am going through a huge transition in my life and the reading was spot on! Her advice was so needed. I feel so much relief after talking with her. I am definitely going to be a future customer! Thank you for the help Ilene. You are a true gem. I also appreciate the guided meditations you sent. So helpful.
— Colleen

I loved my reading with Ilene. She has a very comforting nature to her and seems to get a grasp of what’s going on in my life so easily. Everything she told me went so well with my past future and present. I feel so at ease after hearing and validating what is to come for me. I can’t thank you enough Ilene, and can’t wait to meet with you again!! She truly is gifted.
— Chris

I had the pleasure of having a Tarot Card Reading with Ilene. It resonated with me greatly and was a pleasant experience. Ilene is personable and has a sense of humor. I also received some great advice to help me for the better!!!
— Rene

Ilene has a very pronounced and undeniable connection to spirit. Her wealth and depth of experience of working with these higher energies is evident in the confidence with which she speaks, gives and acts. During our reading, it was evident to me that Ilene progresses her work aware that the only matter is that of spirit which is the core of her work. She gives from her own pot of experience which grounds you in understanding that her wisdom is not superior, but one with all, and this one with where you are at. Very importantly, Ilene was very accurate in describing the workings of subtle energies and how these other dimensions are connected into our energies here in Earth. Fascinating! I now remain open to the universe to work through me all these incredible and beautiful gifts confirmed to me in our reading, and I thank you Ilene for being a vehicle to keep me in line with these messages of purpose and connection. I am looking forward to doing some more work with Ilene… And I certainly recommend her services… They are truly a gift to help lift and lighten humanity into bigger dimensions.
— Surekha

Thank you so much. It was a wonderful read. You validated so much information and spot on in the reading. You were wonderful.
— Deborah

What an amazing read and vibrant energy you bring with you. Everything you spoke of rang perfectly down to my core. So accurate and goosebump acknowledgement followed. I love how you add your encouragement and love to all that you say! You have a true gift among many, I am sure. Thank you for helping me open my own intuition, and trust myself even more than I did before. I can’t wait to schedule something with you soon, to see what beautiful words will open my spirit up again. Thank you so much, you are much loved and appreciated!! I will absolutely recommend you!
— Marina

You helped to clarify so much for me, as I’ve been feeling a bit lost and confused. You showed me some techniques and you really helped me to see things better. You are excellent at what you do and a gift to humanity.
— Rachael

Ilene has a gift to connect with people. I had a beautiful reading with her. The messages I received were relevant and point on to my question. Great experience.
— Vesna

I give my reading with llene 5 stars. I’ve had plenty of readings in last five years and Ilene’s confidence and love of what she’s doing is refreshing. I not only met her today for the first time but I feel as if I made a real friend. Also, I did not leave the reading with any unanswered questions because she explained everything to me and had nothing but patience when I asked her to explain something. Last but not least, her reading was spot on with my astrology report and the last couple reads I had in the past couple months. So, if you want a reading with someone who is truly gifted and has such love and enthusiasm for what she is doing, basically if you want to book a reading with a truly gifted and talented person your on the right page. I can’t wait to get my next reading.
— Katie